La Estrella Errante THE WANDERING STAR A film by Alberto Gracia In 1984 Rober and his band Los Fiambres released their first and only lp titled El lado oscuro del rock and Roll (The dark side of Rock’ n Roll). Thirty years later Rober travels to vigo to meet Nacho, a friend who is photografer. He discovers that everything has changed in this time. Neither he nor Vigo seem to be present. Maybe the only exit could be find to Ronnie. Will the beach be the desired place?


Running time: 67 min.

Colour: Colour

Recording format: HD

Original language: Spanish

Country of productin: Spain

Production: El Horlá

Co-production: Zeitun Films · El Viaje Films

Year of production: 2018

With Robert Perdut and Nacho Alonso.


Director and Scriptwriter: Alberto Gracia

Cinematographer: Mauro Herce and Alberto Gracia

Sound recorder: Amanda Villavieja

Sound design: Alberto Gracia and Berio Molina

Editor: Alberto Gracia

Music: Jonay Armas

Producer: Alberto Gracia

Co-producers: Felipe Lage Coro · José Alayón


Rotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands)

SEFF Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla (Spain). DELUXE Award Las Nuevas Olas No Ficción

Dock of the Bay San Sebastián (Spain). Best Musical Documentary Award

FICCI Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena (Colombia) 

Festival Márgenes (Spain)

FIDOCS Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago de Chile

Black Canvas Festival de Cine Contemporáneo de México 

Transcinema Festival Internacional de Cine (Spain)

Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay

Director's notes

An imperative message appears on the screen: save the princess from the clutches of the monster.
Along with this, two warnings: At noon the image is the most effective drug of all and the fish is all sold.
Someone has disappeared on a looped elevator ride and, in another window, Nobody and his words go hand in hand towards disaster.
At times, the dead get up and run in reflective clothing that does not fit into the landscape, although we could not be sure. What is certain is that junkies do not go to the beach.
If we don’t record it, they won’t believe any of this.
Someone is watching us, I’m sure.
And by the way, have you seen Ronnie?
Is Ronnie behind me?

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