The Raúl Primero boat, captained by Raúl Canoura for three decades, has been fishing from the port of Burela, with a long family fishing tradition. His son, Adrián, finds some video tapes recorded by Raúl during several tides in different stages. These tapes show a life, a world that is increasingly forgotten and that Adrián tries to know what it was like, sailing with his father on the family boat.

Director's biography

Adrián Canoura is born in Burela in 1991, province of Lugo in Galicia. His audiovisual studies begin at Fundación TIC (EIS Lugo), where he studies Direction and Audiovisual Production. He follows his studies with an specialization at Escuela de Ficción de Voz Audiovisual in A Coruña. In 2016 he moves to Madrid to course the Master LAV: Laboratorio de Práctica y Creación Audiovisual Contemporánea.

Highlighted as a young talent by the Galician Audiovisual Academy in 2018, he can be defined as a filmmaker and/or videoartist where his creations go from music videos to designs, movies, AV live and music projects like Guerrera, Nistra or Baiuca.

Adrian’s works flow between different shapes, from hybrid projects between fiction and documentary to more experimental approaches like videocreation or archive works. In the last year he develops different projects between music and film where the music videos for Baiuca, Blanco Palamera, Ronroneo stand out. He also is responsible for the films Da morte nace a vida (2020), REXISTROS (2019), Caerán Lóstregos do Ceo (2018), Salitre nas veas (2017), O Porco e o seu espírito (2016) and Nistra Batuko Exploration (2015). Now he is filming his new project, Fomos Ficando Sós.

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