Special edition with 100 minutes of extras



    • original version in Arabic Dharija
    • subtitles in English, Spanish, Galician and French

Extras (100 minutes, subtitles in English and Spanish):

    • Making of the film
    • Making of the scene of the complaints (commented by the director)
    • Making of the scene of the olive trees (commented by the director)
    • Tangiers today and seen by Gabriel Veyre

The Lumière operator Gabriel Veyre shot Tangier’s Grand and Petit Zocco in 1935. 74 years later the camera tests of You All Are Captains were done in the same place, ignoring the work of Veyre. In this extra we confront both recordings

    • Dao Byed

Images shot on 16mm. during the cinema workshop Dao Byed, origin of the film

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